Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday July 14

A week or so at home does wonders for what ails ya...
I have felt better every day: more energy, better humor, interest in socializing...didn't know how bad I felt until I felt better.

I've chipped away at the to do list:
mowed the grass, vacuumed the basement, signed up daisy and myself for basic obedience training, took the glass recyclables, called the roofer (I'm finding he's not prompt returning my phone call...doesn't bode well for his getting the job...)

I also went to yoga & had lunch with a friend, rode bikes at oak mtn, met zag and awe for fun and drink,  met my favorite old men at hardees at 7 am on Saturday morning & went to the wood turners meeting...all for my personal health and growth. I've noticed that I feel I have stiff joints, tight and weak (and small) muscles...
I've had some interesting employment offers as well. When people know you're not gainfully employed, they tell you things you could do (you know, in case you wanted to)..

Some new considerations :   cyclo cross bike races this winter, going to bartender class for an occasional fun side job (and useful at holiday parties), pilates training, Thai yoga massage training....
I have lots to look forward to.
I've been in contact with Trooper..she, m80 & willow continue to trudge northward through the increasingly tougher terrain...she commented that they feel not as strong a they once did, more problems with feet, etc....I think they're just worn down...I'm hoping the weather is kind to them, because the terrain can't be changed..

pics: Sunday morning on the back porch...breakfast and the newspaper...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's tough being at home...July 8

Katahdin descent June 24

Katahdin approach June 24

Tuesday July 9, 2013

So here I am  at home. As  wander around my familiar surroundings, I am overcome with peace..I can breathe deeper. I can converse without tears.
There's a  "honey-Do" list in the making.. It makes me happy to have assorted tasks to complete and lots of time to do so.
There are so many things to look forward to : cooking and eating fresh food, going to training with Daisy (the now 55 pound newest canine addition), working in the yard, cleaning out and organizing the basement.
I'm wondering what to do with all the leftover dehydrated food...I don't guess I can donate it to a food bank as it's not commercial nor is it "sealed for your protection"...I think I'll just eat it. I lost 10 pounds during my hike.  For once, the weight on my driver's license is correct!
Things I want to do:
Yoga, regularly
Garden, consistently
Walk a LOT back didn't bother me a single time while I was hiking...I've been home 3 days and it's an issue..stiff.
Keep my drivers license accurate...I'm finding I still have hiker appetite, but not burning hiker calories...Hmmmm
Several of you have commented that I should still blog...I'll give it a shot..once a week or so..I can't imagine anything interesting enough to share/ worth reading
maybe it's like watching a soap opera or reality show...paying attention to someone else's stuff may take your mind off of your own stuff..( for the good or bad)
the  unofficial blog  title :  the crazy daily adventures of a temporarily "kept" woman